Process Management and organizational development – our passion

We love BPM. Business Process Management (BPM) is more than our occupation. It is our passion. We know: successful Process Management or efficient process optimization does not only take place on flowcharts. But in the minds of people, and in the way they organize themselves.

Hence, we share our knowledge and experience at the only academy in Germany that
focuses entirely on process-oriented management.

Our goal is to enable people to put management of the future in practice in their organization. As specialists using our know-how and our enthusiasm.

Our team

Enthusiasm and conviction for business process management, absolute independence that allows us to work exclusively in the interests of our customers, a lot of experience with all aspects that make BPM successful and two CEOs who complement each other perfectly – professionally and personally.

This is what our seminar participants appreciate about us. And the success of your projects shows that there could be something to it. We want to advance BPM, the corporate management of the future – and the people who are committed and enthusiastic about it. We are always working on that.

Managing Directors

Our managing partners Thilo Knuppertz and Sven Schnägelberger, as former managing directors and senior executives of successful companies, have a lot of experience with all aspects of business process management, its conception, implementation and enforcement in organizations.


Our trainers are competent process managers who passionately pass on their practical experience as management consultants in the world of business process management to our seminar participants – be it in the form of an open seminar or in-house training at the customer’s.

Our philosophy

Essential basis of our training and consulting is the integrated conveyance of competencies
in Process Management and organizational development. Process Management is a
company-wide management method for the goal-oriented management of processes in
organizations. BPM&O has developed a model for the holistic view of process-oriented
organizations – the BPM&O Model.

BPM&O Model
Process Management Glasses

In addition, when managing process-oriented organizations, close interaction between
Strategic and Operational Process Management must be taken into account. This is
reflected in our Process Management Glasses.

Our added value for you …

As independent and owner-managed institute for advanced training, your requirements are the benchmark for our actions.
As process-oriented academy, we understand how to live processes.
As experienced consultants, coaches and trainers we enhance the ability of your employees and managers to act.
We develop customized trainings and projects based on comprehensible and holistic concepts. We passionately implement changes together with you.
From optimization of individual processes to development of a process-oriented organization: we deliver measurable results based on a quick understanding of your challenges.
Based on the largest German-speaking community for Process Management, the BPM-Club, founded and operated by BPM&O, we know what happens in the market, we know your challenges and we know the current innovations in the BPM market. We integrate this knowledge into our consulting and training practice.

We ensure effective Process Management, genuine value added and the future viability of our customers.

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